Monday, February 11, 2013

Someone else tried to cover up their car window with a yellow trash bag!

I was driving down a residential street when I saw a car parked along the curb with a big, yellow trashbag partially covering the driver side window. Much of the bag had been blown asunder, by the gusty winds we were having. It brought back so many memories. Oh the days, lo weeks (months!) when I limped around town with my stuck-in-the-down-position window and taped it up at night in case of rain.

By the way, there is no pretty way to do this. No matter how neat and anal you are in affixing the trash bag to the car, it will still look ghetto.


  1. it's a special club, and i've been a member at one time or another in my life. but i used black trashbags....more understated.

  2. Yes, black would be cool! Especially if you had a black car! Now that would be sweet.