Tuesday, April 8, 2008


The bridge protestors in San Francisco have made us proud. So good to know that ol' fashioned non-violent civil disobedience is still alive and well in the USA!

Kudos to Mac Sutherlin, Hannah Strange and Duane Martinez for their daring shinny up the cables of the Golden Gate Bridge to unfurl their banners: "Free Tibet" and "One World, One Dream."

Not to be outdone by the demonstrators in France who scaled up the Eiffel Tower to hang banners depicting the Olympic Rings as handcuffs, our homegrown dissidents hung on the bridge cables for three hours to call for freedom in Tibet and protest the human rights violations by the Chinese.

Now for the upcoming torch relay on Wednesday:

"Come on, Frisco ---- SNUFF THE TORCH !!!!!

Protests near the Eiffel Tower

Thursday, April 3, 2008

She'd like to buy the World a Coke...

Melanie had worried that she wasn't fresh-faced enough for the Coke commerical, but she needn't have. She was so dewy, so wren-like, the director stuck her in the front-row, likening her to a young Julie Andrews, in her peasant blouse and thatch-cut hair.

As the sunlight hit their Coke bottles, Melanie recalled her brief stint as a yearbook photographer for her high school in 1969, and how Mr. Wilhelm hadn't allowed her to print any pictures of boys whose hair touched the tips of their collars. Unless they played on the football team, of course. The boys who played football were allowed to slide, but all the rest...all those beautiful boys with their shaggy locks spilling over their shirt collars and coat lapels --lost forever . Never to be captured slouching near the vending machine with their friends or flashing a peace sign from the gym bleachers. Those lovely boys with their Head & Shoulders hair, were left undeveloped in the dark room.

Melanie grimaced momentarily with regret, then let the sunshine bouncing off her Coke bottle fill her whole being with light. Ah, here she was, free at last --surrounded by beautiful long-hair boys. And Coca-cola. Lots of it! Take that, Mr. Wilhelm, she thought triumphantly. Take this Coke and go shove it in your darkroom!