Friday, July 6, 2012

Underground New York Public Library

A photographer takes photos of people reading on the NYC subways--what he calls "The Underground New York Public Libary." He posts photos of the "Reading-Riders" he finds all week. On Sunday he looks for people reading Bibles and on Fridays he features e-readers." When he can, he posts the title of the book in the picture as well.

There are a lot of interesting photos and book titles at the link:

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!

At last, a holiday that allows --no implores!--me to eat potato chips and drink beer.
I have to drink the beer to stay cool while I keep an eye on the grill. Its third leg busted off so we prop it up with a concrete block. Awful dry, you know, here in drought-land. Must keep an eye on flames, and must keep myself well-watered. I am drinking Copperhead Ale, brewed by the Free State Brewery in Lawrence.

 The dog is under the table, hoping another potato chip falls. Roger is practicing music from The Music Man. He'll be playing it for the Weston Community Theater---yes, community theater ---what has become an annual tradition in early July. I don't think I have to tell you which song is my favorite from that show ----Marian the Librarian, of course.

It's 102 in the shade but all the more excuse to have Ben and Jerry in the freezer. One pint of the Red Velvet Cake --which has already received a big thumbs up here --and one pint of Bannaroo Buzz, one I've never tried. It has coffee and malt ice cream and whiskey-laced caramel and toffee chips. Sounds alright by me.

Well, time to go get the meat ready. We got burgers and Nathan's all-beef hot dogs, which I swear by. There was a Nathan's near the doctor's office in Yonkers which I visited while pregnant with Lilah, and it used to be my ritual to polish off a dog or two after getting my monthly, and then semi-monthly, and then weekly check-up. Good times.

But then, so are these.