Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Products To Enjoy At Your Hometown Pharmacy

I want this: The Mr. Root Beer Home Brewing Kit. It has everything I need to make homemade root beer. The drug store in Ness City has a coupon for it.

If I shop now I can take advantage of their big summer sale. Save money on a Bean Bag Toss. Selections may vary.

Many off-brands to choose from:

Dr. Fresh toothbrushes. I can get six in a package for 99 cents.  
The Geneva Clock Company. They make a 10" clock that looks like a rubber tire.
Ocean Potion brand sunblock.
The FineAuto car vacuum. For people who have a fine auto.
The Touch Me Alarm Clock.
Bubbly brand bubbles.
The Vortex barbecue grill.

Get Yours Today!

Monday, May 30, 2011

You Are Here

I like the polar bear cradling cubes and smiling, on that store-bought bag of ice. The plastic pitcher with the smiling sun, now collecting dust on my mom's back porch. Several varieties of sunflower seeds hanging on a convenience store vrack. Signs of summer past and present. 

When I go out to western Kansas in the summertime, I make sure to go outside late at night. I can walk barefoot in the yard, and the buffalo grass feels  crisp and dry under my feet. In eastern Kansas, the grass feels buggy, itchy and wet. I don't enjoy taking my shoes off there. I feel like I have to rinse my feet off afterwards. There are slugs!

But out here, the grass is just grass. It feels clean and empty. The air that blew hot across the porch earlier in the day has turned cool. The wind greets me at the bottom of the steps like a late-night accomplice waiting for me to sneak out when no one's looking. Together we walk into the hugeness of a summer night, under trees that whisper and stretch overhead. Their silent forms create soft shadows across the yard, that I disappear into. All I see and feel is velvet. I circle the house like a stranger, observing the lights I left on. The house an unlikely light in the universe, under a sky holding so many stars. I step back to see the big picture. My placement here, unlikely too.