Friday, February 22, 2013

How come their street got plowed and ours didn't?

This is reminiscent of the winter of 2011, when I wrote a tongue-in-cheek gripe about the plows forgetting us that got printed in the paper.

Two blocks away, 82nd street, which is a lesser street, has been totally plowed, and we're still ten inches under. The top of our hill, at Lamar, is ridonkulous. The only way to get through the thick piles of snow without getting stuck is to gun it, but if you gun it you'll get creamed by oncoming Lamar traffic. Going the other way isn't much better --the hill is steeper.  Just wait until everything freezes over tonight!

Looks like we're forgotten again.

Despite our woes, I've had a good day. There is only one thing better than a snow day--- two snow days! 

I took the following pictures today. They look like all the other pictures you've ever seen of snow-clogged streets. But it's our street, therefore, it's interesting. 

Roger's car.

A human figure near the top of the hill.

The steep hill to the west of us.

Neighbors a'shovelin'.

Roger's got a ways to go to shovel us out.

No way I'm driving up that thing in my Civic.


  1. i just love snow pics. especially when they involve people i know. i love the light of a snowy day. please don't put the civic in harms way! crazy people out there.

  2. THAT is NOT a hill....c'mon...I live in just don't know a Subaru! LOL

  3. Ha -I admit it looks wimpy. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture the hilliness from where I was standing. It looks flatter than it really is. You're just gonna have to take my word for it!

  4. I love being a woman!!! i.e., no shoveling!!