Monday, February 25, 2013

Laying in some Monk for the storm

Food is flying off the shelves. People are "panic buying" bread and milk in anticipation of the next big snow. And filling up on as much live jazz as they can, in hopes it will fuel them through the coming snowbound days.

At least, that's how some people are stocking up for the storm. Last night at the Record Bar, the crowd's primal need for life-giving dissonance was palpable, as they cheered on the Thelonious Monk tribute, featuring Mark Southerland, Gerald Spaits, Roger Wilder, Stan Kessler, Rich Wheeler, Ryan Lee, Brian Steever and Mark Lowry. The improvisations were like hot coals tossed out to us: "Take this and be well. May it warm and sustain you."

We responded enthusiastically. Let Mother Nature do her worst, we said. The fire in our bellies has been renewed and we are prepared. We will hunker down and we will be just fine with our cds, mp3 files, and streaming radios. Unless of course, the power goes out. In which case we will cry like babies.

Stan Kessler, Mark Southerland and Roger Wilder make beautiful Monk together. 

Roger digs in like that more expensive snow shovel you wish you had bought.

Rich Wheeler is a post man. He delivers no matter what.

Mark and Mark (Southerland and Lowrey) sharing hot Monk-y love.


In lieu of a generator, just hook Stan up to your breaker box.

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