Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oddly Correct

On Friday, Roger and I checked out a hole-in-the wall coffee place in Westport called "Oddly Correct."

 The sign on the door told us they were serious about their coffee.

I do expect good coffee from a place where even the counter is a work of art.

I'd read about the place, how they employ a unique, artisanal technique for brewing one cup of coffee at a time.

While we were waiting for the coffee, we drank in the funky decor. I was enamored of the vintage mortar the owner had uncovered when he rescued the place from its previous life as a payday loan business. (Yes, those are bicycle tire tubes hanging on the wall.) 

The owner, Gregory, said he wants to project a spirit of whimsy, and seems to be succeeding. Both through the decor......

....And the packages of coffee beans, he illustrates himself.

  I especially enjoyed the corner dedicated to random, assorted objects:

But my favorite feature was the bookshelf in the back corner. I said to the owner, in jest, "Gee, I'd like to read one of those books on the top shelf." He said, "No problem. I'll get it for you." He said the bookshelf has climbing holds, like rock-climbers use.

Roger sat next to a row of "Bearded Fellas."

Finally, I received my coffee. I had ordered the Gelena. A natural process Yirgacheffe that was supposed to taste cake-y and sort of blueberryish. It DID taste a little like blueberries, but in a good way. It was very smooth, with absolutely no bitterness.  That day they were also serving a Rolindo Bourbon Rwanda, said to be a limey caramel blend, and Kenyan Thirik described as "lemony."

I was given a ceramic cup for drinking, and the extra poured into this very scientific-looking beaker.

The sculpted heads in the corner kept us company.


When we left, there was a big pallet of coffee beans waiting outside.