Monday, November 2, 2015

The Royals Won the World Series!!!

Excuse me while I pinch myself again. This is real! It happened! The Royals are the 2015 World Series Champions!

This makes me happy for so many reasons. And my joy is compounded by the fact that I'm surrounded by a city full of very happy people. There's going to be a parade! Tomorrow most schools are closed and people are bailing work because the one thing everyone wants to do is pour into the streets and yell and scream and celebrate this victory, and pay homage to our new supreme overlords, the Kansas City Royals.

When I first saw the above photo, just at a glance, the black and white fooled me, and  I thought it was a vintage photo from way back. The kid and his expression just have that classic look. But then I realized it was taken at last night's game. Great shot of what was no doubt a scintillating moment of the game. Which moment?  Pick one.

Photo is by from the Player's Tribune at the following link: