Thursday, November 17, 2011

Big Apples

Several weeks ago, Roger brought home some really big apples from the Farmer's Market. Normally I prefer the smaller ones. He explained:  "The orchard lady said that back when everything was still growing they had a big wind that blew a lot of the apples off the tree. As a result, all the remaining apples get bigger to compensate."

Well, I just thought that was fascinating. Does this mean that if I knocked all but one of the apples off the tree that apple would grow into a ginormo monster apple? The plant world is so badass.

It is November 17th, past the halfway point of the Nanorimo challenge, whereby you write a 50,000 novel during the month of November. So far I have a little over 25,000 words, so I'm a little behind.

For most of these 25,000 words, I've been wandering in the desert, eating sand for nourishment and bashing open prickly pears with the bones of dead animals, in order to squeeze out enough drops of moisture to stay technically alive. There have been occasional shimmers of hope off in the distance, causing me to throw down the bones and stagger desperately towards the oasis of flowing ideas and sweet, juicy stories, but when I got up close, they always turned out to be a mirage. But last night I got a plot idea that was akin to stumbling upon a whole, roaring river. Or so it seems. It will take things in a new direction anyway. I don't want to begin to talk about it, for fear I'll jinx it. But the next 5,000 words should be interesting    


  1. No way on the apple story! Really? I wish you could post your novel online.

  2. Better hurry on that novel. Everytime I get a good plot idea, before I get anywhere near 5,000 words, it comes out in the theatre. Apparently, someone has been melding my mind and staying one step ahead of me.
    Next time, I will write without thinking about what I'm writing about.


    H. B.

  3. Good luck on the new plot line. Hurry...write fast. Everytime I come up with a great idea for my novel, before I can get anywhere near 5,000 words, it shows up in the theatre. I think my mind is being melded by a really fast writer, or something,

    By the way...I'm calling 'possum on the apple story. (just sayin')


  4. don't want to jinx you either, but could you give us just a hint of the subject matter?? i had no idea you were writing a novel. how great! i am sure it will be fascinating, given the quirky mind from whence it came.

  5. Simone Unit! Leave where your coordinates are and do not die in desert before I rescue! Hang out there, Simone Unit!

  6. enter my character - a brilliant, lovely woman with a gravitational pull on all who enter her orbit

  7. I am hanging out there, Outer Space Alien!