Sunday, February 10, 2013

Smiths Night

Another post about the Smiths....

Last night I was happy to learn that even if you've heard all the songs by the Smiths, you can re-discover them anew, as if for the first time, by listening to other bands do covers of them. Although no one can sing those off-kilter lyrics with the flamboyant punch of Morrissey's subversive croonery, the Smiths oeuvre does lend itself to some interesting interpretations.

I was hearing all this on Robert Moore's Sonic Spectrum, which airs on 96.5 The Buzz KRBZ on Saturday nights, while getting ready to go down to Take 5 Coffee Bar to hear Roger (Wilder) play some groovy Rhodes with Jeff Harshbarger's group. I enjoyed the jazz. The Smiths had warmed me up quite nicely. 


  1. Guess I didn't know you liked the Smiths. My first Smiths experience was at the Kitchen Club in Miami and "Big Mouth Strikes Again" was a regular rotation. I eventually found out it was the Smiths and have been hooked ever since. "The Handsome Devilz" are a Chicago cover band that I have been meaning to see for over a year. Someday soon!

    Jeff G

    1. A Smiths cover band? The Handsome Devilz sound like a lot of fun!! Let me know how it was if you see them.

      Ahh yes --the Kitchen Club. Good times.

      I love the Smiths. I love so many things about them, but I especially love the jingly jangly sound of all their guitars. I also like a lot of Morrissey's solo stuff.

  2. Oh by the way --thanks for visiting my blog, Jeff G!!!