Monday, July 16, 2018

Rocks In My Head

I've made many treks out to western Kansas in recent months, attending to my ailing mother, and whenever I'm there, I take long walks "out to the shed." This is a shed that sits just outside town, at the junction of two country roads. Back when my mom was younger, healthier, and was quite the walker herself, this was a favored route. I like it because it's peaceful and sets me alone against the endless blue horizon.

Walking to the shed takes me past the Protestant cemetery (the Catholic one is on the opposite end of town), on a dusty road bordered by wheat fields, and a ditch that harbors the occasional badger hole. The road is littered with rocks, and I can't resist reaching down to snag a few, coming and going. I'm drawn to their quirky shapes and delicious colors. Some look like caramel and some like wads of chewing gum. One rock I call the "meat rock" because it resembles a hunk of raw beef. I come back from some walks with my pockets bulging, because every rock I reach for looks like a keeper.

I may be missing a few marbles, but I got plenty of rocks!!

Some close-ups:

 Many of these are glossy and smooth, as if they had been polished and oiled, not plucked from  the dust.   

So many textures, colors and rough edges...

Soft, rosy shades, and in the foreground, rocks that look like my chewed up gum.  

These are the dark, brooding ones, darker than they look in the picture.  

These rocks in this pile are cool, creamy or contain little sparkly nuggets. They make me think of ice cream.

  These ones are very chalky. 

My big lugs. 

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Telephone operators - the untold story

Lady telephone operators had to keep their hair short --because electricity. Or something. But as seen in this pic, short, tightly curled styles were mandatory.

When lady operators finally broke free and quit the switchboard they ran straight to the beauty parlor to get a new hairdo. This common occurrence and the interactions between hairdressers and newly emancipated telephone operators that followed led to a change in salon parlance, and is how hair stylists came to be known as "beauty operators."

Sunday, April 8, 2018

When punk rockers run away to the circus

Rumor under the big top had it that the newest clown was a disaffected guitar player from the Cure. 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Better Living Through Yoga

I mean it this time.

I've changed my ways. 

Happy to say I'm not hitting the whisky and ice cream anymore, like I was in this post from last July:

No, I've moved on to brandy: 

Did someone say something about yoga?

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


I love the image that the National Weather Service uses on the daily forecast when it gets really bitchass cold outside, like zero-y, single-digity, wind chills below zero type cold. They put this picture up, with a single word:  COLD.

Harbinger of doom, but a very cool thumbnail (enlarged here) with so much potential packed into it (character, action, setting...) I hate seeing it, but I also love seeing it.    

Saturday, January 6, 2018

There's a Future in Books

But no trees! They will be reduced to stumps.

We'll have to use them all up in order to make the gigantic, hovering books that forthcoming generations will require. 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Intestinal Mystery

Not sure how I feel about the mesentery--or that name. It's the glump of tissue connecting your intestine to the stomach, and some researchers say it should be considered an organ unto its own. For now I will just refer to it as my intestinal mystery.

Artist's rendering

Saturday, December 2, 2017

And now for another episode of --the Happy Duster!

In this week's installment, Beverly loses a pearl earring when she dusts a little too vigorously after being spurred on by that new rock and roll seeping out of Junior's bedroom.

When Beverly's husband Fred, who is disapproving of Junior's "crazy noise",  asks about the missing earring at the dinner table, Beverly explains it away by laying the blame on her inhospitable and extra-thick ear lobes. But when Junior fires up his record machine after supper, Beverly, who is fixing dessert, once again begins to shimmy and shake, and watches helplessly as her second earring falls deep into the topping of her coconut cream pie. As Fred digs into the pie, Beverly attempts to distract him and retrieve the earring before he chokes on it. Hilarity ensues!   

Tune in next week as Beverly befriends a new neighbor, who demonstrates a dusting polish that leaves Beverly feeling high. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Oh To Be in Newark, New Jersey in Autumn

What. Did you think this was Newark? It's Times Square. You'll have to just imagine Newark on your own.