Thursday, February 21, 2013

Simone's Rules for Snow Days

We're up to our arses in snow and there's more on the way! I love the freedom of no school and no work, but in our house a snow day comes with certain rules. I remind my family it's important to observe the following:
  1.  We must eat. Eating is one of our primary tasks for the day.  The snow is a potential threat. We have to keep up our strength. 
            To do my part, I stocked up on food Tuesday night, 36 hours in advance of the approaching
            storm, and I have created the following eating regimen to keep my family going:

                         Late morning, after the last one has rolled out of bed: Crisp, pan-fried bacon, scrambled 
                         eggs, and freshly baked oatmeal and brown sugar muffins.

                         Mid-afternoon: Freshly made snow ice cream with vanilla extract and pancake 
                        syrup. Served with hot chocolate.

                        Late afternoon: Tortilla chips and salsa.   

                        Supper: Homemade bierocks or chili, depending on my level of ambition.

                        Dessert:  Brownies fresh out of the oven with more snow ice cream.

                        Evening snack, with our without movie:  Popcorn and/or more chips and salsa
        2.  A snow day is a time to remain in the bosom of your family. When my kids ask why, I tell them, "So
             I can use the phrase, 'the bosom of your family.' "

        3.   We are as snowbound as if we are living in a cabin far from civilization. We cannot go out for
              eyeliner. We are roughing it.   
       4.   It's mom's snow day too. That means, no, I am not driving you to Panera's to meet up with your
              friends, and sleepovers are out of the question.

       5.  Hot coffee and tea should be a mother's constant companion. She must have a cup close at hand at
            all times.

       6.   Indulgence in at least one of the following is required: Movie-watching, reading, napping, puttering,
             general idleness, hot chocolate, fooling around,* wine drinking.*

         * Restricted to those of legal age and not living with parents.


  1. Now I hope some of that snow makes it up here...'cause I'm hungry!

  2. funny funny funny funny funny! i laughed out loud. wow, your menu sounds wonderful, too!

  3. As it turns out, our appetites during a day of sitting on our butts were not up to the planned menu, so after the breakfast we did without all the afternoon food, the brownies, and the chips/salsa. But the bierocks were flawless. Golden brown, fresh out of the oven in multiple batches while we ate and watched "Airplane." And ate snow ice cream to our hearts' content. A perfect lazy day!

  4. you put me to shame, my sister. what on earth has possessed you to line up all those vittles? i like the fact that you have put your foot down and denied your daughters any forays for eyeliner!

  5. however, reading this made me hungry and i have been eating all afternoon. i disgust myself.