Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why can't every day be Mardi Gras?

I went. I danced.

And danced. And danced. It was a terrific party!

First, the parade rolled up at the Blue Room, having made its sparkly way down 18th street from Y J's. All manner of hooligans, dressed up in eye-popping costumes, flooded the corner outside the Blue Room, some in face paint, some beating drums or waving banners. Many of them proceeded into the Blue Room, turning the place from jumpy to jumping.

The Necessity Brass Band, which had already been cranking up the revelry, pounded and blasted us into submission, taking possession of us so we had no choice but to wiggle and shake and bounce and bend and weave, roll, skip, hop, jump, twirl, shimmy.....yass, yass, YESSS!

I wish I had pictures but I had to make a choice. To document, or to dance? Twas a far better thing I chose.

But I hope someone posts pictures from last night on the internet so I can steal them and put them on this blog.