Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dirty Biter

Walking around La Conner, we came across a plaque and statue, in memory of a beloved "town dog" named Dirty Biter.

I took a picture of the plaque so you can read the tribute for yourself.

La Conner, Washington

After going to the secret spot, we went to La Conner, a charming little fishing village. We found a nice place to eat on the water. I had clam chowder and fish and chips, both very good, which I washed down with a Seattle-brewed pale ale.

Secret spot

On Thursday, finally free of the conference, Mich and I took a drive up to the Skagit Valley. Dutch immigrants have been growing tulip bulbs in this area since the 1700's, and this time of year, field upon field of colorful tulips is quite a thing to see. Unfortunately, the tulips weren't blooming yet, but the daffodils were.
We drove past daffodils, across the flat plain of the valley, populated by old farmsteads and barns, to a lonely road leading to what Michele said had been her and Ron's secret spot.
Mich thinks it's an estuary, receiver of tides and prone to flooding. The sea has dumped hundreds of fallen logs here, creating an eerie yet beguiling landscape,especially because it seems isolated and largely undiscovered. We saw lots and lots of cat-tails. Many of their fuzzy heads had exploded.
Michele and Ron used to hike out to the distant knolls, but the terrain tends to be muddy, and it was too wet for us to go very far this time. Someone had put in a small footbridge that hadn't been there the last time Mich was out there, but at first the only living soul visible was a large blue heron that kept turning away every time I tried to take his picture. On the way back to the car, however, we encountered a couple walking their dog.
This place doesn't seem to be on the map, and is not easy to find. Hopefully, only locals know about it. If you want to know where it is, you'll have to come out here and let Michele show you.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Tour of Seattle University Library

Not much to see here, folks. Because my phone battery was almost dead and I had to save what was left so I could call Mich when I was done and have her pick me up. So I was not able to take photos inside.  I'm going to have to go back to take pictures because they have some interesting furniture.
As you can see, we are enjoying another sunny day in Seattle! Although the conference people bussed us over to Seattle U, they gave us the option of walking if we wanted. I chose to walk. It meant walking up Spring Street, which Mich says is the steepest hill downtown, but it was a lovely day, and it felt great to get out into the city and get some fresh air. Which sounds contradictory, but wasn't.

Library conference highlights

One of the best parts of the conference was the fireplace they had in the hotel lobby. I grabbed a few stolen moments here and there to sit by it. That's my crap there in the photo--the pink jacket and purse. The hotel lobby had some interesting decor. I heard from other librarians the rooms had wild patterns on the wall and bold colors.

Seattle Public Library

The main branch of Seattle Public Library downtown is trippy. I saw it for the first time four years ago and was blown away anew when I visited it again this past week.

Two of the most striking features are the two neon green escalators that lead to infinity (it seems.)

Then there is the Red Hall. If you've ever wished you could walk through a vast corridor of red, molded plastic, the Red Hall is not to be missed.

When I made the epic journey up the escalator to the top floor, I discovered a couple of window washers outside the building, hanging by their harnesses like spiders!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Monday morning in Seattle

On Monday I had to go to my conference, but it didn't start until 12:30, so Mich and I went out for breakfast at a charming little cafe called the Hi Spot. It has an upstairs area, hence its name. I had a lemon currant scone that was melt in my mouth good and a comforting, spicy chai.

After breakfast, Mich had to go to work so she dropped me off downtown. My conference was at the swank Monaco hotel, (one of the photos below) conveniently located across from the main branch of the Seattle Public Library. So guess where I hung out?

It was a little before ten, so I had to wait outside with the unwashed masses for it to open.

Mich's chili

On the way home Sunday, we stopped by Fred Meyer, a discount store, because I had failed to pack my pajama bottoms and needed to buy a replacement, and also my bottle of hair product had leaked on the plane. Mich bought chips. When we finally got home, Mich made her chili with real tomatoes. I washed it down with an Alaskan black ale.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Blue Hour

Some of the sunrises here are particularly beautiful. I wish I could show you but photos don't do it justice.

Then around sundown, they have what they call L'eure bleu (spelling?) or the Blue Hour when for awhile the water, the sky and everything in-between turns blue.

Space Needle

On Sunday, after we walked around Fremont, Mich and I went to Kerry Park in the Queen Anne area, to get a view of the skyline and Space Needle. Then we drove to Golden Gardens, and hung out on the beach at Puget Sound. It was chilly enough I needed my coat, but the sun was out and it felt good, sitting on a log and staring at the water.
I'm using an app on my phone to post stuff on this blog, and the app doesn't let me control the order of my photos. So these photos might not appear in the order I intended.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Funky Fremont

On Sunday, my first full day in Seattle, it was nice. We took a walk around Fremont, and saw the dinosaurs, (can you see mich standing underneath the big one?) the rocket storefront, and the Lenin statue which was bought from Russia, and which appears to show him with blood on his hand.  Next to the blue building, we ate at a sandwich place that had a killer braised tofu sandwich on baguette with avocado and green onion oil. It was sooo tasty.