Sunday, March 22, 2009

Winesburg, Ohio

Last night I saw the play "Winesburg, Ohio, " which is based on the book by Sherwood Anderson. It was a wonderful experience, making me realize yet again that I love plays and need to have the theatre in my life. Stories can be told directly through an actor on stage in a way that books and movies can't. (Which will be the extent of my analysis on the subject.) I know that I experience something during a play that is indescribable. I like the way the actors make themselves so vulnerable, in bringing their characters to life. If I ever become a rich old lady I'd like to become a patron of the theatre.

I thought The KC Rep Theatre did a great job. The playbill says they created "new songs, new stagings, new designs and performances" unique to the Kansas City production. The music was awesome, and so were the actors. (Which is as far as my critical powers go) I recognized four of the actors from other plays. Two from "The Drawer Boy," at the same theatre. Two of them I saw in "Seussical", a musical based mostly on "Horton hears a Who."

Now I'd like to read the book "Winesburg, Ohio" - a novel told in short stories, about the secret inner lives of the people in a small town--their frustrations, hidden desires, smashed dreams, squashed ambitions, deflated hopes. Yes, cheery stuff.

The Onion did a funny satirical piece about Walmart putting a store in Winesburg that captures the gist of the play.


  1. Well, they're not plays, but there are three movies involving plays you might enjoy:

    -- Illuminata -- directed by and starring John Turturo, a sort of complex interweaving plot where the lives of the characters reflect the plot of the play

    -- Cradle Will Rock -- also starring John Turturo, somewhat of a musical about attempts to stage a leftist play in the 1930's. Quirky, funny, and inspiring.

    -- Being Julia -- comedy about a bored British theatre actress (played by Annette Bening) who is inspired to take her art to a new level by new love

    Not quite like going to a real play, but I thought all these movies were well written, acted, and produced.

  2. That's cool that you went to the theatre and aparently do it pretty often. I love going to see plays, operas, symphonies, musicals, etc.--it always makes me feel like I'm on a grade school field trip (shows you how much I go). Yes, patron of the theatre or patron of the arts--a dream come true!

  3. Thanks for the suggestions. They all sound good. I have heard of Being Julia --haven't heard of the other two. I will make a note of these and look for them in the library.