Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pogonomyrmex Badass

We humans may think we rule the earth, but check out the swinging underground exploding right beneath our feet. The above is an ant nest constructed by the Florida harvester ant, also known as Pogonomyrmex badius. Researcher Walter Tschinkel, at Florida State, studied ants' nests by excavating the nests and casting them in plaster. No wonder ants always seem to be in such a big hurry. They're eager to get back to their bodacious badius pads.

To read more about Tschinkel's study of ants' nests, and to see more photos, go to the following link at the "Journal of Insect Science":


  1. This is freakin' awesome! I like the way you presented it--title, picture and post.

  2. Cool, bizarre, and scary!