Wednesday, March 18, 2009

To Trek With It

Dr. McCoy wearing code assimilation device

Where can I get me one of them code assimilation devices like McCoy is wearing? I've been up to my eyeballs in code the last few days, trying to finish an assignment for my web design class, which was to create a table with columns and rows, using HTML. Using tables for web page layout is old school, because nowadays web designers prefer to use CSS (cascading style sheets), which are more versatile than clunky old tables. But we still have to learn table basics anyhow.

I had been dreading this assignment, so to make it fun, I decided to create a table with a Star Trek theme. Lilah and I have been watching a ton of Star Trek episodes, so a lot of the plots are fresh in my mind. Like "Spock's Brain", a show from the first season, in which McCoy puts on a device called "the teacher"(shown in picture above) that injects him with the knowledge needed to re-insert Spock's brain, after it was removed from a brain-swiping alien.

Now writing code for web pages isn't brain surgery. It's just a great big pain in the watusi, which is why I need one of those badass hair dryers.

You can see my Star Trek table at the link below. It has its flaws and probably violates all kinds of design principles, but it's my table, and I created it entirely by hand-written code. If you right-click on the table and select "View Source", you can see the code I used to create it.


  1. We still use tables on our planet. We hate css. Good job!

  2. That Bones pic is awesome. I also like that you called it a "badass hair dryer". You know I love your handmade Star Trek guide--still crackin' me up! I give you an "A".