Thursday, March 5, 2009

Coffeeshop Delusion # 23

what trickery
this woman stirring her cup
is marshalling forces
every turn of the spoon
a directive
passivity is a splendid disguise
go on
size up, dismiss
size up, dismiss
as if I were something potted
but this Danielle Steele hides a camera
were you to know
I am the center of things
the hatcher of plots
the god of minions
would you sip your latte so coolly
like you're king of the world?
ha ha
fools! thick as foam
while I am silently possessing


  1. This made me laugh--at the lines: "ha ha, Fools!" But the whole thing was building me up to that point. This is just a quick observation. I will comment more later. ..."Shimmy Shimmy yah Shimmy yeah, Shimmy yay, Gimme the mic or I will take it away"...
    -ODB, RIP.

  2. Is this based on someone? This really does crack me up.

  3. No. Though I've probably indulged in thoughts of exercising hidden powers while in a coffeeshop. But actually, the phrase "marshalling forces" came to me, and then the image of someone stirring their coffee, thinking they are marshalling forces came next, and I decided to go with it and write a whole poem around the idea.

  4. That's hilarious--it works! I could see Kids in the Hall acting this out for some reason.

  5. Oh, so true. I could totally see Kids in the Hall doing a bit about the person in the coffeeshop who thinks he's all-powerful.

  6. Or she's all powerful--I picture Scott Thompson in older lady drag.