Monday, October 7, 2013

Live-Blogging My 50th Birthday!

3rd blog entry on THIS, my BIRTHDAY! I feel newly human, having just showered. I had to wash off all the unwashed humanity I was brushing up against at the Renaissance festival yesterday. Now I think it's time for some tea----or coffee. Do I dare to drink the DARK BREW, to make my stomach vulnerable to its witchery? Yes, I do dare! It is my birthday, and acid or no acid, I am going to go get me some coffee!
2nd installment of the LIVE-BLOGGING of my BIRTHDAY! It is now 7: 45 am!  Since I stayed up so late, I was wiped when my alarm went off at 6:11, and I overslept. So I failed to make the customary breakfast oatmeal the girls have grown to expect. A mother failing her daughters ---normally this is an occasion for guilt, but on your birthday, a mother is exempt. If anything, they should be kicking themselves for their failure to make you breakfast in bed!

Since I had the day off, I decided to drive the girls to school, instead of having Roger do it. Because here was another opportunity for a rare pleasure ---driving about while still wearing my robe. There is an element of danger that I confess gives me a perverse thrill  ---what if I get in a fender bender and have to step out of the car in my robe? The danger is real. The parking lot at Shawnee Mission East high school is swarming with hundreds of groggy teen-aged drivers hurrying to get to class.        

Good morning! It's 4:00 am and it's my birthday! But not just any birthday. The big  5 0.  Which is why I'm up. I've been up all night, bidding my 40's goodbye and witnessing the approach of the HALF CENTURY MARK.  Originally I was just going to get up early, but then the window for going to bed came and went and it became more convenient to eschew bed altogether.

Convenient nothing--I'm feeling tired. Maybe I'll have to go grab an hour or two of sleep. I can do that and still get up before sunrise. Which was the whole idea--to greet the sunrise. It will be easy to cheat, though, since I can't see the sunrise from my house. I just spent the last five minutes trying to add to this paragraph. I'm having difficulty stringing intelligible words together. Scrap the wake-up shower I was contemplating. I'm going to bed. 

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  1. suzanne, october loverOctober 7, 2013 at 2:32 PM

    who is the girl in the picture? it sure looks a lot like you. enjoyed the renfest pix. glad you got some sleep so that you can be awake for the full monty of birthday fun! and yes! you are definately allowed to take a day from oatmeal detail! what a sweet mom you are. will there be more posts today? or are you passed out on the couch already?