Monday, October 7, 2013

Live-blogging my 50th birthday --Hippie heaven!

It's my birthday and it IS a beautiful day!

Next stop after the coffee shop I treated myself to a trip to my favorite hippie shop, "It's A Beautiful Day," also known as hemp central. They sell hemp by the yard. I found a pretty cotton shirt for only $4. When I asked why the price was so low, the clerk said because she had worn it a few times. I tried it on. The dressing room "door" was a big tye-dyed cloth (shown here.) The clerk warned me that there was a dead mouse in the wall, so she was burning incense to mask the smell. I was excited that the $4 shirt fit. I bought it, and a mexican woven hoodie, as a birthday present to myself.

Update: When the cashier told me the date, so I could write it on my check, I told her I KNEW what day it was, since it was my birthday. I told her that's the whole reason I came in there. Guess I was getting full of myself. Later today I got a call at the house from the cashier, saying I had written the wrong date on my check: I had written 10/7/63 --my birth date.  Oops!   

Far-out window with me caught up in the groovy reflection. Bob Marley and I are one.

I don't know why people think this is a head shop. 

No this isn't your mind on acid. It's the dressing room curtain at It's a Beautiful Day.

I guess the bears have something to do with Grateful Dead?
Me in the psychedelic dressing room with the dead mouse in the wall.
I bought this! But here the colors are all washed out. It's actually a dusky blue and maroon. Cute!

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