Monday, October 7, 2013

Live-blogging my 50th Birthday ---Y J's Snack Bar!

Note: To see the entirety of my birthday festivities, in sequence, start with the first post titled "Live-blogging my 50th birthday" and go up from there. 

For my birthday dinner, I wanted to go to Y J's, because I love Y J's, but never seem to find time to eat there. Lilah was so crashed out from staying up late and studying, volleyball practice, and the typically hectic pace of her teenage life, that she couldn't get off the couch. She really just wanted to sleep, so we let her stay home and Roger and Annabelle went to dinner with me.

As an extra birthday bonus, they were playing Donovan when I walked in --"Season of the Witch." They were serving Mayan Tostados, which came with all kinds of wonderful chopped up things, including pineapple, and black beans and rice and chicken or fish, and were topped with guac and sour cream. The tostados were delicious.

We sat outside, and I felt so lucky, because it was a bee-yootiful October night. It felt so peaceful and rich, sitting out there, sharing good food. I was enjoying every moment of it. I didn't think there was any way to improve on it, but one thing did happen that made it even better. My friend Rick from New York called me to wish me a happy birthday! What a thrill! I was able to wish it to him back, because we are birthday twins - nearly. His birthday is tomorrow.

Y J's SnackBar --eating outside on a beautiful October evening.

Roger and Annabelle dig in

The Mexican hoodie I bought today slung over my chair.

Mayan tostados --Yum!

Inside Y J's ---a large variety of hot sauces are available on top of the piano

Crescent moon visible from 18th street

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