Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October is my month of increasing power!!!

Painting by James Jacques Joseph Tissot. Woman from yesteryear tramping through flaming leaves. Maybe I was once that woman, in another time, in France or somewhere. 

There is a pang, kind of a tingling. A force of October, shooting through me and feeling like electrical charges would feel if they were a pleasant thing. It connects me to all things, whether they want to be connected to me or not. Neighborhood squirrel hunting your nut -- you're connected to me!  Pregnant moon, birthing your moon child ---you're connected to me! Beautiful Portuguese accordion player, sending shivers through my car speaker, from a recording you made a long time ago, but now you are walking the earth somewhere, unaware of me --you're connected to me!  You are the galvanic thread on my tongue. My skin sings of you. Because this is October! It's not just that I was born here - I was born to live in October, and my soul knows it. When the calendar finally flips over to the tenth month, I am home again.

Squirrellllllll.....!!!!!!!!!  Don't you feel it?  


  1. suzanne, october loverOctober 28, 2013 at 2:49 PM

    it's october 28.....do you feel your power fading? or will you piggyback on the increasing power of sweet roger, whose month is looming.

  2. It's almost over!
    If you turn into a pumpkin at midnight...nobody will be able to find you.

  3. By the way...my Captcha for the previous comment was "cousin 319"

  4. Cousin 319 ---I know, I can't believe that the Golden Month of the Golden Child has already come to an end. Oh, what fate awaits me, November? I will not turn into a pumpkin, but perhaps life will again just become very ordinary. (By the way, I'm really tempted to make "cousin 319" your nickname.