Saturday, December 5, 2009

Beautiful Mind

This is cosmic. Give yourself a break from all the holiday madness and take a quiet ride through outer space. The music transports you, and the images provide the scenery.

I am awestruck by the images at the Hubble telescope website. Don't miss out on them. The nebulae are my favorite. It is incredible what is out there, unseen by human eyes. Meanwhile, we wage war and destroy each other, as if we were central to the universe.

The song "Beautiful Mind" was recorded by the Verve in 1993, on their CD "A Storm in Heaven". The shimmering layers of guitar create a hypnotic soundscape.


  1. omg! i went to the hubble website and was immediately and profoundly astounded! wow. some of the images look like the insides of our human body. and then, other images are so miraculously other-worldly, i can imagine the angels living "up there." thanks, simone, for this post!

  2. Yeah, aren't those pictures amazing? It's true, some of those images look biological. Some of them look like the insides of our body or like cells dividing. It's like life looks the same on the cosmic scale as it does on the molecular scale. The divine design of a beautiful mind.