Saturday, January 14, 2012

What Your Tea Drinking Style Reveals About You

If you are a tea drinker, you don't need costly psycho-therapy. Knowing how and what you drink is like looking through a wide-open window to your mind. Use the list below as a handy guide to common tea-drinking behaviors and corresponding disorders.

You boil just enough water for one cup. -- Narcissistic.
You dislike using a tea bag more than once. -- Obsessive compulsive.
You spray Reddi-Whip on top of your chai.--- Arrested development.
You turn your nose down at Lipton.--- Elitist.
You often burn your tongue.--- Self-mutilator.
You don't really enjoy your tea because you're wishing you had coffee instead.--- Emotionally unavailable; fearing commitment.
When the bag breaks and you find grounds floating in your tea, it doesn't surprise you.--- Nihilistic.
You have only steeped, you have never infused.--- Small-minded; fearful of change.
You drink English Breakfast only at breakfast.--- Neurotic.
You do weird things like put black pepper in your tea.--- Masochistic.
You reheat your cup multiple times in carbon-centric devices.--- Terra-cidal.
You pretend to like green tea even though you can't stand it.--- Lacking authenticity.
You drink tea as an excuse to eat biscotti and scones.---Eating disorder.
You never buy fair trade.---Imperialistic with genocidal tendencies.
You time with precision the minutes your tea has been steeping.--- Anal-retentive.
You use second-hand tea bags when making tea for others.--- Passive aggressive.
You careen wildly back and forth between black tea and herbal --- Bipolar.


  1. i am disregarding this list because drinking hot tea never occurs to me. hot tea is for sissies. :)

  2. Gooba gooba tea! All human have at the disorders, but not self unit!

  3. Easy for South Carolinians to say. I never drank hot tea in Florida either.

  4. lol, jazz geek. true dat.we drink sweet tea (iced) by the mega gallon down here. and even though i don't drink hot tea,,i agree with mystic savage (hmmm....fascinating handle) this post is brilliant. :)

  5. i'm not gonna say which one(s) i am. i guess i am most of them. but -- they're all bad