Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Food Trends I Can Do Without

Lap cheong sausage. It keeps in the fridge for weeks. I don't want to be looking at some old piece of sausage in my fridge for weeks.

Whey. I saw a big vat of it in the store. Now you can buy it to use in a sauce or pickle things, or drink in a tonic. Isn't it a nasty dairy by-product leftover from curdling milk?

Scotch eggs. This is when you wrap cooked eggs in sausage meat, cover it with breading and fry it. Sounds more like Botched eggs to me.

Pea tendrils. When I think of tendrils, I think of Little Shop of Horrors. Octopi. Something alive, grabbing...I will say no more.

Pomegranate. I like the flavor of pomegranate seeds. But I'll be danged if I'm gonna go to the trouble of extracting them.

French macarons. They are supposed to be the latest pastry craze, taking the place of cupcakes. But they  are hard to make, involving meringues and such, and expensive to buy.

My feelings are echoed by Sarah Cox, editor of Curbed Detroit, who said,

"Macarons are faddish and stupid. So were cupcakes, but they were just the right amount of faddish and stupid. Do we really need something even MORE faddish and stupid? Any idiot can make a cupcake.. But macarons... now that is not the people's dessert.”


  1. i read an article yesterday on food trends, and they included that french macaroon, too. and peruvian food. they also mentioned BLOOD, like in blood pancakes! excuuuuse me, but that is just wrong. wrong, wrong, wrong! and another thing....give paula deen a break, anthony-foodsnob-bourdain! you eat crap from foreign countries, you came down here to the lowcountry and touted a greasy spoon as great food ONLY because it was "gullah". sorry, mony,,i got on my soapbox on your blog.....just had to get that out.

  2. No problem! And I agree that blood pancakes --blood anything--except for maybe bloody marys--is wrong, wrong, wrong!

  3. mmmmm...this peanut butter and jelly sandwich is bloody good, mate.

  4. That kind of bloody is okay too, Mr. Brit guy. Mr. Aussie guy...whatever...