Sunday, January 15, 2012

Red Letter Day

Today that family pack of ground beef I bought expires, requiring me to tear it apart with my bare hands and put it into little baggies to freeze for later.

Today is the day I replace the empty can of  Reddi-Whip.

Today we will begin to notice how much our dog smells.

Today I'll finally throw out that jar of hamburger grease.

Today I burn the last candle.

Today I'll receive back all the Girl Scout cookies our troop has not sold.

Today I'll take a walk to my dream house.

Today I'll master "I am the walrus" on Beatles Rock Band.

Today I'll begin carrying a notebook wherever I go.

Today I'll blow the dust off my fiddle. I won't play it, but I'll blow the dust off.

Today I'll sync my Ipod to Itunes for the first time.

Today I'll hang my 2012 calendar.


  1. "Today I'll begin carrying a notebook wherever I go."

    It's time to jump.
    Carry that new smart phone and you'll have the notebook, camera, voice recorder, etc. Everything you will ever need to document the subject of your next blog post. Nothing will be left to memory...which, by the way, will become an issue, down the road.

    H.(uh...I think that's my first initial)B.

  2. You make a good case, H.B. But one thing about that notebook --I never have to worry about its battery dying on me.

  3. please describe this dream house. sounds like a very busy day. don't jump....keep the pen and paper.

  4. Ah, my dream house. You would love it too, I think. It is a very well-kept two story bungalow, probably pre-war. Has a big gorgeous porch with a porch swing. The exterior is a very serene dark grey stucco. There are no other houses like it anywhere nearby. it's an anomaly, surrounded by post-war ranches and split-levels. Sometimes I walk there and make a wish that I'll live there, or someplace like it some day.

  5. ooh, i bet it's gorgeous on the inside too! probably lots of woodwork,,craftsman features. love that style. you should go and knock on the door someday. take your notebook, lol, and tell them you're doing research on pre-war houses in the area. it could or could not be true.

  6. Yes, I think it's a craftsman style house Forgot to mention that the porch is made of stone. And the supports have a graceful arched shape. The windows look new, and there are three big ones on the front side, on the 2nd floor, looking out at the street. Oh, I would love to live in a house like that. I bet the inside is full of charm.

  7. Hee hee. That's what I'll tell myself so as not to covet it so much.

  8. Yeah, I wanna live there, too.