Thursday, January 12, 2012

Buddha Bobble

This morning I was driving Annabelle to school, when I noticed that the car ahead of us had a Buddha bobble just like mine, on its dash. Annabelle saw it too. We noticed that the two Buddhas, mine and its neighbor, seemed to be bobbling in sync. We were stuck behind the car, wishing there was a way we could wave and gesture to let its driver know that we had the same bobble. Then Annabelle pointed out that maybe there had been times when the car behind me had had a Buddha bobble and I hadn't even known it. Well, that's right, I said. And we both chewed thoughtfully on that for a bit. But it's kind of funny that neither of us thought to turn and look at the car behind us to see if IT had a Buddha bobble. We just laughed and turned our attention back to the radio. Shortly afterward, I turned off on the road that led to Annabelle's school.

I know of one other car that has a bobble like mine. Its owners live on my brother's street in Lawrence. They also have a Peace bumper sticker on their car.     
This is actually my 2nd Budda bobble. The first one, which I bought at World's Window in Brookside, lost his stickiness, and he wouldn't stay put on my dash. He kept tipping over and then sliding off. I bought the 2nd bobble at "It's a beautiful day," a hippie shop in Westport. Yes, I have my sources. I know where to go for Buddha bobbles.    


  1. when your children write their memoirs, no doubt they will mention the happy times spent in the car with you and the buddha bobble.

  2. Or they'll mention the times Mom was stressed out and yelling, completely failing to live up to the symbol of peace on her dashboard.

  3. "But it's kind of funny that neither of us thought to turn and look at the car behind us..."

    You know, you could probably use some of that duct tape to attach a mirror or two to your car so you wouldn't have to turn around to look at the cars behind you.
    Just a thought.


  4. Oh snap! Why didn't I think of that, H.B.?