Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer Chrome

It is summer! Well, not officially. But summer always goes so fast, it's best to start considering it summer as early as you can. And this year I'm ahead of the game. I've already been to the coast and swam in the ocean! I've already been sun-burned. I've already imbibed a summer ale. Not bad for June 3rd.

One thing I like about summer is that haze that turns everything white. The light that puts a high shine to chrome and makes you squint. Back when cars used to have actual chrome, instead of plastic, the sun bouncing off their fenders must have been quite a sight. It's a vision that says, "Here is a human summer. Here is the blinding walk to a scorching patch of sand. Here is where the good times are."  Of course there is another reality, not visible here, of hot, irritable children and sticky vinyl and sweaty headaches. Because there is a good chance that most of the cars in this photo didn't have air conditioning when this picture was taken. But I think I would be okay with that, if it meant I could drive down a street lined with these fat, shimmering cars, on a white hot day.        


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  1. I love this post. I definitely crave a chrome summer! Way to start us off right! I think I can start liking summer again in this vein. Thanks!!