Friday, June 13, 2014

Boogaloo Seven

Carl Bender and Chris Hazelton of Boogaloo Seven at the Green Lady Lounge 

Friday night and I'm at the Green Lady Lounge listening to Boogaloo Seven. A throwback band that evokes the instrumental brass-woods-organ swinging London soul pop sound of the 60's mixed in with 70's funk. There are bongos! I, of course, especially love the Hammond B3! My favorite instrument of all time.

Should I have an untimely demise, leaving behind friends and family who are still able-bodied and kicking, I ask only that they arrange for the playing of a Hammond B3 as they bid me adieu. Play that Hammond B3 and I'll be there in spirit, I surely will

But as I write, I'm still on the earth plane, so I will sit here in the Green Lady and get my fix that way.

Best news of the night? Boogaloo Seven has a 45 coming out. A 45 rpm vinyl record! Vinyl lives, my friends.

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