Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sound of a Film Projector

If I ever have a big enough house, I want a room with a projector in it. Just a projector running, so you can go in the room anytime and hear that nice sound that an old-style film projector makes. It's really a very pleasant sound, and one more example of how the analog world with its clickings and clackings was a much more aurally satisfying world.

I was reminded of that sound on Friday, when Roger and I went to the H & R Block Art Space Flatfile exhibit. As part of the exhibit they had one big room that was dark, where films were being projected.

Most of the films were being projected via modern equipment you, but one film was coming from a vintage film projector.

Roger and I reminisced about those days in school when you'd walk into the classroom and see a projector sitting there and you'd be like, "YES! We get to see a film! No work today!" And then at some point the film would break and the teacher would have to fuss with it and try to repair it, giving you even more time to goof off and do nothing.  

 But another great part of the experience was sitting in the dark, hearing the steady whirring of the film projector. It's too bad that schoolkids today are deprived of those types of atmospheric effects inside the classroom.


  1. Yeah! It is too bad! That makes me sad that Leon won't hear that-boo! Well, I will have to have a projector room too then. I like this post!!

  2. We probably have those in the library! I went to the Flat File exhibit a couple years ago when Trish's art was in it. They had a film projector then and the film was some guy who who ran around naked in front of security cameras all over town.