Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day After Christmas

Enjoyed tea in the morning with Aunt V. Finished off the turkey, dressing and mashed potato leftovers. Cracked some mixed nuts. Snow on the ground, but the sun is finally out. Still too cold to do anything but stay inside and eat. Will we finish the puzzle before we head back home? What I really wanted, but didn't get for Christmas, were Rock Em Sock Em Robots. You can still get them in the original packaging.


  1. Sounds wonderful! Tea with Aunt V? Awesome. I got a Rock'em Sock'em Robot ornament last Christmas--it's cool. It's nice to see that I'm not alone in wanting nostalgic toys.

  2. unless you can find some original ones, don't bother with the reproduced ones being offered now. from what i have read, the new ones only bring disappointment and frustration because they are smaller and cheaper made. (what a surprise, eh?)but i wish i would have had some back in the day! what a great way to take out and vent anger on some enemies!

  3. Sue, I read the same thing (after I posted this) about how crummy the current Rock em Sock em robots are. How insulting to think we won't know a piece of junk crap when we see it. What a shame. And you are so right ---it could be so therapeutic. PC, I am dying over here at the news that you actually have a Rock em Sock em ornament! What are the odds? I mean, who else has this? Only you, my weirdly somewhat in sync friend.