Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter Wine Advisory

They've been saying it could storm today. So last night I went out and bought a bottle of wine. The only sensible thing to do.

Here is today’s forecast, exactly as it appeared in the Kansas City Star:

"Snow, rain, sleet, then snow and blowing snow tonight."

I think I better get more supplies, like ingredients for chili and dumpling soup. Am I running low on tea? Will our half-gallon of milk be enough to get us through? The threat of bad weather gets the mind racing.

What if we're stranded? Will we be stranded without chocolate? We have a box of brownie mix in the cupboard, and a container of Nestle's hot chocolate, so I guess we'll be okay.


  1. "slow and blowing snow"??? was that a typo? i like the image of very slow snow falling. and yes, wine and chocolate are definately right up there with milk and bread on the pantry list! i kinda miss the feeling of impending snowstorm. sigh....

  2. Yeah, it was a typo --I'll go fix it right now ---but I almost wish they had said "slow and blowing snow"