Friday, January 9, 2015

Yeah, we're cold.

Yeah, we're cold. I can't do much in the cold. But I try to stay on a schedule. I shivered from 1:00 to 4:00 today.

Wanna play a fun game? We like the game, "How many fingers?"  Because here, nobody has all their fingers. Ha ha ha!! Because frostbite.  But it's okay. No one needs all ten. God gave us spares for when some of them fall off due to extreme cold.

Don't ask for salad. We don't handle lettuce or fruits in this weather. The fruit makes our hands cold. Cutting fruit, especially. Don't look for fruit salad.

Wintertime is when everything sleeps. It is the dreamtime. I dream often that I am wearing my fuzzy robe to the places I go, like work. I wish my dream would come true.

My car is very cold. The seat feels like ice. I do not have butt warmers. Some people have seats with butt warmers that turn on when they start the car. I do not. I drive with a big hat on my head, pulled down, so you can barely see my eyes.

The cold makes some people lose their minds. It has that effect. Their brains stop working, and they do things that no one would believe. Crazy things. Like they wear short skirts. Or they run outside for many blocks for no reason. Poor people. They are lost. Steer clear of them.   

I need some new equipment for the cold. Many times I have thought this. I will buy the new thing soon, and it will be a handy gadget. I just have to find the store where they are. Then I will buy it immediately. You will not know there is a flask under my coat, but it will be there.

Yes, it's cold, but the cold has taught me things. I see the sunrise in the morning and at night the sunset. From this I see that there is beauty, even in the midst of great suffering.



    I would rather it be 100 degrees everyday, than 40 degrees for one day.
    But, since I have no one to blame but myself for living in a frigid climate, I refuse to succumb. I wear deceivingly effective layers of Coldgear under my regular office attire, gloves under my mittens, tights under my trousers and a fine layer of Vasoline on my cheeks. I walk, casually, through the parking lot to my car, which is always parked in the farthest spot in the lot. I run miles in sub-zero night.
    If cold thinks that it has little effect, has no fun, I'm hoping that it moves on. Back to Canada or Siberia or Norway or wherever it is supposed to be.
    We must stick together on this...otherwise, the cold wins.

  2. H.B., that is inspiring. That is the approach I try to take with feeling sick or having symptoms, but I haven't been able to apply it to the cold. I tried last winter, but ultimately winter beat my ass. Winter won, and I cried uncle. Maybe I should try that Vaseline trick. This idea of casually walking across the parking lot to my farthest parked car --- that is a new concept for me. Perhaps I will try it. I say this as I'm sitting in a sunny south window where the warmth of the sun has made me forget how bitter and debilitating an arctic chill can be. Yes, I am quite brave when it's warm. Seriously, I do like your approach and it encourages me. I would take my hat off to you, but, er, I need my hat.

  3. I work in the cold AND the heat. I'll take cold anyday. I can add layers and layers and gear to protect myself against the cold, but I can't strip down to my undies when it's 95 degrees and 98 percent humidity. That would be unseemly. And highly offensive to the population in general.

  4. Problem with me is, I get to a point where I get so chilled it doesn't seem to matter how many layers I add or how much hot coffee I drink. I just can't warm up. Your argument makes sense though.