Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fun with Stamps!

I've always been fascinated by stamp shops. Those grimy little offices where people sell stamps and make customized stamps that spell your company name on a strip of rubber. Really, who doesn't want their own personal stamp? It's fun to stamp things, and I'm thinking about how I could order my own customized stamp with my own personal logo or pithy saying. If I really wanted to go all out, I could get one of those fancy self-inking stamps with the impressive steel mechanism that pulls back, letting you roll the date forward and back.

Stamp shops are one of those niche industries that are now endangered by the digital age, as people get too sophisticated and advanced to use paper and the need to leave a territorial or validating smear of ink on documents has waned. Just knowing this makes me love stamps and all their old-school smudges even more, so I was delighted to discover a stamp shop near where I work. I was in there yesterday ordering stamps for the library ---yes, we still use stamps!----and I noticed a 2015 calendar that said "The Self-Inking Adventures of Stamp Spade". Wha? I was standing a little too far away to be sure, but the picture for January had a film noir feel to it and seemed to be showing a stamp dressed as a detective. What the?..... What strange rabbit hole had I fallen down? These stamp people exist in a whole nother world.

I had to see if this was for real or if I was just imagining things, so I Googled, "The Self-Inking Adventures of Stamp Spade", and found this video. Okay, it's a stamp vendor promoting their stamp products, but I think it's pretty creative and clever. Now I want the calendar!    

The Self-Inking Adventures of Stamp Spade from CONSOLIDATED MARKING on Vimeo.

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