Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 is a New Year!

It's a totally new year! A new year means a new Simone! What can you expect from this year's model? Take a peek below for a preview of what 2015 holds!

NEW for 2015!!

Leggings!  I've decided the water's fine ---it's time to jump in! After several years of watching this trend from the sidelines I am finally ready to give it a try. But... maybe after January. You can't wear long underwear under leggings

FEARLESS accessorizing! Look for me to be mixing flashy with trashy. Classy with kitschy. Hipster with Glam. (Unless someone says it looks bad.)

New horizons in personal care!  One magic day this year, the sun will rise and I'll drive off to the strip mall to get my eyebrows waxed.

Reverse engineering project!  I'm determined this year to crack the code on those chai lattes I get at Starbucks so I can make my own at home.

My new good habit for 2015! Sweeping the floor

My new vice for 2015!  Heavy whipping cream

Word to be stricken from my vocabulary:  "Rocks."  I like rocks, the hard, craggy kind that broke off mountains or formed in the earth's crust. But I really dislike the use of "rocks" to mean something is cool and I hate the way it's over-used today and I especially hate when it's used this way, "Simone is really rockin' those leggings."  Although I avoid using this term that I loathe, I may have slipped up and used it in the past, when at a loss for words or in social situations where I felt awkward. Well, no more!! That expression will not pass through my lips in 2015!

Motto for 2015:  What my kids don't take from me, I'll probably lose anyway

Travel plans for 2015:  Boldly going where Simone has never gone before--Yes, a trip to the Land of Ikea!


  1. be bolder....go for threading your eyebrows! If I had any brow left, I would give that a go. And have an Ikea??? Jealous! They say you can buy a whole kitchen in there.

  2. We just got the Ikea last fall. I've avoided it so far because the opening was a madhouse. But I got their catalog in the mail --some very cool stuff. I have thought about eyebrow threading. Maybe I should try that! They have a kiosk for it in the mall.

  3. I went to the Ikea in Salt Lake with Laura. Interesting traffic pattern in the store. We ate swedish meatballs in the restaurant. They were good!

  4. Yeah, I just heard about the Ikea experience from someone who went there recently. She just had one item to get, but of course you don't "pop into an Ikea" and pick up something and get out. Instead you are corralled through some kind of maze. I heard from someone else that the swedish meatballs were good. I plan to go soon, when I feel like I have time to go through the whole bloody store.