Thursday, July 1, 2010

Free Floating Phantasm

Okay, I've given myself a month to fart around and just be free. Now I should look for something writerly to plug myself into. Like becoming a member of The Writer's Place.

The members meet in this castle-looking building, with dark, gloomy clouds overhead.

Tonight they're having a Write-in. I should go.

Here's how they describe it:


Bring a notebook or laptop and join fellow writers in lessening the loneliness of writing. Everyone from beginner to experienced is welcome to this open writing session.

But they picked kind of a crummy time --at 6:00. Right after work, in the middle of the supper hour, when the dog needs to be walked and there are hungry kids waiting at home. So I guess I'll just have to stay home and write all by myself in loneliness.

Later this month, they are going to pay homage to Rumi, the Sufi poet of love. But I'll be attending a graduation party being held in my honor that night. As always, saying yes to one thing means saying no to something else.

Perhaps I should join a writing group. Here is what the Writer's Place website says about writing groups:

The Writers Place is in the process of creating new writing groups. If you’d like to join a writing group, please send some samples of your writing so that TWP can pair you with an appropriate writing group.

A little intimidating. How will they decide what group I fall into?

Also, I'm just not sure. Do I really want to commit to showing up for something? Add a new obligation to my routine? Floating free has its advantages.


  1. well, i love your writing as a "floating free" writer, dear. in case you don't know, let me just tell you how much some of us anticipate and enjoy each new post on this blog. even when it's about things i don't give a rats ass about, like black holes, even then, i am glued to the screen and reading your words. sometimes, you have to choose. right now,,motherhood might be the more important time slot taker. as it should be. stay free, my friend.

  2. I've always found it difficult to maintain the right balance between floating-freeness (too much is lonely) and plugged-innedness (too much stresses ya out). The best I have been able to do is oscillate between the two poles and be grateful for the times when I'm in that ideal place in-between. I imagine being a mom makes that balance even harder to achieve.

    Well, you can always try it out and if you don't like it, get out.

  3. i like the idea of you floating free - like a "free-floating phantasm" (that's from Ghostbusters). i understand your hesitance at joining a group. some are good and some are awful. the problem with any kind of art - you don't want to be rigid, but you don't want anyone messing with your muse, either

  4. Thanks --all good comments. Sue, thanks for your kind words about my blog! I am humbled, that you want to follow my ramblings. Motherhood is supremely important to me. I miss my girls if I am away from them for too long, and when I realize that Lilah will be living at home (theoretically) for only 5 more years, I freak out. BUT - a mother has to take time for herself, or she's no use to anyone. Nurturing my soul and my creative self is crucial to my well-being, and my ability to give to others. But finding the right balance in doing that and doing it with others is tricky. Marc, I think that I can feel too plugged in and stressed out very quickly. I really dig solitude, so I know signing up for a bunch of things won't work for me. Laura, love the phrase "free-floating phantasm"! I think I'll call myself that! And yes, I get itchy real quick when it comes to joining any sort of group. And I don't want anyone messing me ---hands off my muse! Yet I know that to grow as an artist I shouldn't try to create in isolation. Input and feedback and other ideas are stimulating and valuable. Guess I'll send a message to the cosmos that I need to find the right community for writing, and just keep my ear to the ground. Not too crazy about the idea of being "assigned" a group, though I think the Writer's Place prolly knows what it's doing.

  5. Yeah, that being "assigned" to a group is setting off alarm bells. Control Freak in Vicinity; Proceed with Caution."