Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"I Think A Seahorse Barfed Up His Organs In Our Bathtub"

Annabelle wrote these words on a piece of paper and handed it to me while I was on the phone. I had sprinkled Comet all over the tub, then left it to soak when the phone rang.

It is all too obvious that scouring the tub is a rare event in our household.


  1. how old is this child? from where did she come? she is one to be watched, that one. her imagination boggles my tiny mind.

  2. Cool! I like your playlist! I had a friend that was really into Dead can Dance. I thought they sounded cool, but I never listened to them on my own (alone) which usually solidifies the music experience for me. They never had a chance to solidify :/
    Great idea!

  3. I am becoming a DCD fanatic. Their music is beautiful and otherworldly. They have all my favorite flavors of ethereal. My soul likes.

  4. Annabelle would be very happy on our planet. We all think like she does.