Tuesday, February 3, 2009

13 Fail-Safe Excuses

I'm taking a web design class, and today our assignment was to make a bulleted list of items using HTML code. So I made a bulleted list of excuses for why I couldn't complete the assignment. These are useful excuses to have on hand in any situation. Feel free to adopt them as your own and use as often as you like.

  • Bad case of the gout

  • Dog ate my internet

  • Accidental (really) ingestion of funny mushrooms

  • Summoned to White House

  • Lost in the wilderness

  • Heard a Who Down in Who-ville

  • Car trouble

  • Man trouble

  • Observing obscure religious holiday

  • Beset by lentil crisis

  • Jailed for protesting something or other

  • Meditated so hard was vibrated clear off the planet

  • Abducted by aliens


  1. Those are good--I'll use the lentil crisis. I love the pic--perfect!

  2. oh yeah, I love your hurdy gurdy people. I thought that was a word that Donovan made up--ha! I love that song.

  3. These are good. Personally, I'm waiting for my summons to the White House, now that Daschle is out of the way.

  4. Well, Marc, I didn't see you on the short list of replacements for Daschle, but maybe Obama's just playing it *cool*.