Saturday, January 7, 2017

They Traded Dyson!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't even. 

(Sobbing, blubbering, sniffling...sobs coming so fast can't catch a breath...)

I know, I know....we needed a pitcher. Dyson was not an everyday player. He wasn't even the 4th outfielder. We only had one year left of him anyway before he hit free agency, so we needed to make a move to fill a spot in our rotation with someone who we could hang onto for awhile. I get it.    

But Dyson, along with Wade Davis, who also got traded this off-season, was one of my favorite members of the team. He was one of the most colorful, and fun to watch. He was an excellent pinch runner. Could steal like a mother. And he made some pretty impressive catches. He was relatively small--5'9"---but he was scrappy. And had his own unique blend of mojo.    

Here he is doing a backflip after making a winning catch:  

Speaking of catches, this grab he made climbing the outfield wall was insane:


One of my favorite moments was the big smile on his face after sliding into home after hitting an inside-the-park home run:

Then there was the little dance he did after stealing third during the 2014 Wild Card game that would send the Royals to their first playoffs in 29 years and eventually the World Series.As he was often known to say, "That's what speed do" :

Thanks for all the good times, Dyson. Hope they appreciate you in Seattle.


  1. Oh, for Pete's sake. Man up...girl.
    You don't hear Mich whining about Karns.

  2. Karns is lost on Mich, who wouldn't know a Mariner from a Seahawk, I bet. Feel free to chime in and correct me, Mich.

    Besides, can Karns do back flips in the outfield? Or go "vrooom-vroom" with his arms? Or coin adorable phrases like "That's what speed do" ? That's a slogan you might well consider adopting, H.B.

    When I get a moment, I'll be posting some video of Dyson highlights.