Friday, January 13, 2017

Greetings, Ice Man


I for one welcome and embrace our new Ice Overlord.

I submit completely to your rule, knowing in return you will not shut down our internet or bank our furnace fires.

I like a light glaze as opposed to ice accretions or snapped power lines. Not that you were asking. Falling tree branches are a mighty testament to your power. But not necessary.

Your power is known to all. Your appearance, less so. So it is with surprise (the pleasant kind, I assure you) that after a lengthy meditation on your awesomeness I was led to this image. You appear rather wizened, and even a bit cold. Perhaps you've been wanting a new line of work

Believe me, we've all been there. Excuse me, I mean, believe you.

Because we do believe you. That's my point. You have no need to prove what you can do. We believe in your fierce-some power already.

So give yourself a pass on this one.The people have already clawed and hoarded every last scrap left on the grocery store shelves. So your work is done.

  We'll light some candles, as if all our electricity was going off, and call it good. Deal?  

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