Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Problem with Snow Nights...

   ... Is they deprive us of Snow Days.

   It's all in the timing. A good snow needs to start about 3:00 am to mess with roads and trigger closings. A snow before midnight is premature, misaligned, out of sync, a big party pooper.

So yeah, I had to go in to work today.  


  1. It's the first week of the new year.
    Round about these parts, the schools are allowed 6 "snow days" per season. A couple years ago, they got a little fast and loose with the definition of a "snow day" and ran out of them by the 2nd week of February. (It was still snowing in May)
    In this regard; when I was a kid, every Friday my brothers and I were allotted a nickle/week to purchase any candy we wanted. They would always get sucked in by the relative size of the 3 Musketeers bar. (Relative because, as we all know, these bars are pretty much nothing but chocolate covered air.)
    I always went with the roll of Necco wafers. By Friday night, their bars were history. By next Thursday, I'm still flaunting the remainder of my wafers. "MOM! He has candy and he won't give us any!" Mom always backed me up and suggested that they could do the same, tomorrow when they get to make another choice. (they never did)
    Point: Pace. Pace. Pace.

  2. Great story about the Necco Wafers! Love that history. He has candy!! So funny how they never followed your example, but even if had did, I doubt they could have made the wafers last til the next go-around. It would have been Necco Wrappers before the weekend was out. It's a cool story about your mom too and that was a neat way for your parents to teach budgeting and long-term planning.

    So yes, point taken. I remember with bitterness, however, the year when we held off from using snow days early on, (at my work) and then didn't end up using any! But being Kansas and not Michigan, the schools are only given two measly days I think. I'm actually surprised you get six days. I would have thot you Wolverines pooh-poohed the idea of canceling things on account of a little SNOW. But I'm happy for the kids and am glad good sense prevails!

  3. Currently on the second consecutive snow day.
    They're burning them down.
    This could get ugly.

  4. Yes --because we're not even halfway through January! Hope the kids are making the most of it. We burned through ours one year and as a result they EXTENDED the school calendar. Kids didn't think so much of the snow days then. Keep me posted on this.