Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dealing with the Cold

 Oh, what a demarcation, between the sunshiny goodness of the autumn day we had yesterday, and the grim chill that has descended today. Last night the mercury plummeted like a sinner bound for hell, taking our gaiety and laughter with it.

At least we'd been warned, we had time to prepare. Yesterday I got all my sweaters and cardigans out of the attic -- -all the used, stretched out, thrift-store sweaters and cardigans that I have kept alive winter after winter. If a sweater is pilled---well, I can just wear it around the house, I say. If a sweater has lost its shape---well, I can hide its untidiness under a jacket. And so it goes, as my winter wardrobe grows ever more seedy with age. But it's been so mild this autumn I haven't needed it. Now my drawers are stuffed full.

Another thing I did ---I seriously contemplated the purchase of a hot water bottle. I went to a drug store and asked the clerk if they had any for sale. She took me over to the aisle. It was in a box, but the picture on the box looked exactly like I'd remembered---a blood- red rubber vessel, waiting to be filled. Thinking she was being helpful, the clerk pointed out that they also had ice packs. I shivered just thinking about it. NO THANK YOU. Did she not catch the part where I asked for a *hot* water bottle?

She left and I read the box, and imagined myself heading out on bone-chilling mornings, the steaming rubber vessel filled with scalding water from the tea kettle, pressed against my skin. Aw, how warm that would be. But how quickly, on a 20 degree day, would the water cool off and the bottle lay against my stomach as cold and damp as a liver?  

The hot water bottle was $14. I decided not to get it. Instead, I spent nearly the same amount on two pairs of gloves.  I bought them because it's going to get cold, and because I wanted my daughters to have them, even though we probably have 10 mis-matched pairs at home.....

This morning, I wore long johns underneath my work pants. It was just supposed to be temporary--just a buffer for walking from my parking lot to the building. But when I got to my office, I didn't want to take them off. My work pants were a little roomy, so I kept them on, and wore them all day.


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  1. aahhh, memories of the red rubber heater! I am sorry for y'all...I can't lie and say I feel your pain, because I live in S.C.! Great post, Simone! I love the phrase about the temp plummeting like a sinner bound for hell. :)