Saturday, May 30, 2009

"Everything's a circle and everything can fly"

When Annabelle was 20 months old, this is what she was drawing---lots and lots of circles, overlapping and spiraling down the page. I clipped some of them and saved them. When she was three, she told me, "Everything is a circle and everything can fly." I think there is some truth to that. Now she's ten and is drawing a cartoon about an ant that dreams in his sleep of a sugar mountain, tries to hide his report card from his pearl-necklaced ant mom, and writes his own comic, where he is a superhero with laser antennas, who saves the day and gets the girl (ant that is), and marries her.


  1. Man, I love her stories. They are so awesome--AND they are illustrated! I want to know how the talking planets story ended.
    Also, my littlest sister used to draw circles! everywhere--even on our walls. They weren't so much spirals, though, but a cluster of distinct little wobbly circles. Too funny!
    Oh--I believe that "everything's a circle and everything can fly"--so true!

  2. I just figured out who Annabelle reminds me of -- William Blake. I swear that kid sees things the rest of us mortals do not see. She just blows me away.