Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I am reveling today in my sudden FREEDOM of being DONE with my web design class. I had to turn in my finished website last night by 11:45 pm. I turned it in at 11:07. It was INVALID. It had 16 errors and a few warnings. I was supposed to correct any validation errors and get it to pass the HTML and CSS validator before turning it in, but I had had it. I was too bleary-eyed to try to sort out my errors and fix them. I just turned it in AS IS. So I'll be losing some points for that.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. I used a lot of CSS on my website that I just learned on the fly. But that meant a lot of jacked up code that was not compliant with XHTML standards. So be it. I willfully ignored my instructor's mantra: "Just because it looks okay on the page doesn't mean it's right."

I won't be signing up for the Intermediate Web Design class. Not in the near future, anyway. If I'm going to be hunched over my computer, I'd rather be blogging.


  1. congrats on finishing your web design class! i have no idea what css and hxmtl...?....means, but i am sure you designed a cool site. now..the question is....will this website be available for viewing by anyone and everyone? would love to see what you have created.

  2. The website is temporarily viewable on the internet --as long as MU continues to host it on their server. But I just checked it on Roger's computer, and found that indeed, my cavalier attitude towards code is coming back to haunt me. It doesn't appear the way it's supposed to --elements crashing into each other. We were warned about this --that you have to write the code to allow for different browsers. So I have a feeling that if you tried to view it, you'd have a train wreck on your computer screen.

  3. I'm glad you're done with it. Just remember your awesome Star Trek webpage--you need to figure out how to keep it--I LOVE it!

  4. Oh, don't give up on web design. What you did was the equivalent of starting nursing school with a class on inserting catheters and giving enemas. Sounds like they kind of threw you to the css lions and said "good luck, hope you make it out alive."

  5. "What you did was the equivalent of starting nursing school with a class on inserting catheters and giving enemas.":

    Fantastic analogy! I'm dying laughing over here.