Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Dog Fog

Busy with the new dog. No time to blog. Usually I can stay up late, but I think this puppy is emitting some kind of sleep ray, because every night I crash like I've been drugged and I can't pull my usual night owl routine.

Tomorrow at last, maybe, ends the soccer season that will not die. Annabelle's team is playing a rain-out game long after most teams have disbanded. I think there is something very wrong with this.

I'm posting this picture in honor of Bob Dylan's birthday, which was May 24th. I toasted him with a bottle of beer at a cook-out, but failed to mention it here. What kind of shoes are those he's wearing? Looks like's he's in Europe, so there's no telling. When I turned eight my sister Michele gave me the book, "The Red Balloon." I still have it, along with her inscription, saying that soon I would be "setting the world on fire." Yes, didn't I though? One of the things that struck me the most vividly in that book were the pictures of little boys wearing sandals with socks. I knew it was because they were European, so it was okay if their clothes were a little odd.


  1. having a pupply is like having a toddler. no wonder you are exhausted!

  2. regarding "the red balloon"....i was always fearful for that little boy. he seemed to have no grownups who cared that he was wandering the streets.

  3. You need to start an organization called "Soccer Moms for Sanity" or "Concerned, Tired, and Cranky Soccer Moms" or something like that, but with a catchy acronym.

  4. FTHB--your family is awesome. suzanne what a touching comment! :)
    I love your puppy. She is so sweet! I forgot how tiring it can be to look after them.
    yeah, start a soccer mom group!

  5. i'm with marc,,simone. you cannot let the soccer gestapo rule your life! yeah, it's wonderful that the girls love to play, and it's good for them, the sunshine, the running, (ick) and all. but do these coaches give a ding dong damn about you parents? i think not! but, it sounds like if you were to put up a protest, you might have to enter the "soccer moms witness protection program". good luck with the puppy. keep your valuable chewables up high,,just like you might have to put valuable breakables up high from a toddler. ( true)