Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Funnies

These cartoons are brought to you by my two budding artists, whose drawing abilities keep growing by leaps and bounds.

Lilah drew the above cartoon figures from the Valentine's Day card I gave her. Annabelle's drawings are below.

Annabelle drew these Spongebob characters off the TV, by pausing the DVD she was watching. See her Krabby Patty robot below.


  1. L & A are two little bundles of exploding creativity. Don't tell 'em Uncle Marc said that, though, or they'll give you the dreaded eye roll.

  2. pretty darn good. their ability to convey emotion, depth, movement,,,impressive. keep on drawin', y'all!

  3. These are amazing! Thank you for sharing--yes, impressive. Good wrist control.