Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Devil's Handiwork --My Hands Were Idle


  1. This is confusing to a simple mind.

    But, do you know what isn't confusing? When a municipality numbers their streets, rather than naming them in a completely random and incoherent manner. It makes it so much easier for a "foreigner" to navigate.
    Then, just to make sure that the city is filled with those same foreigners (and a goodly number of natives} wandering aimlessly, checking maps and trying to decipher this seemingly simple system, they decide to take those same numbers and attach them to "streets", "avenues", "terraces", "courts", "circles" and "places", etc.

  2. Ah, you noticed the remnant of an index to a city street map! One I actually used to use, I think. Yeah,to what you were saying: You think you are all done with a street and then they throw a terrace at you. This oz especially irksome when you are walking somewhere and trying to get a sense of progress! What kills me is when you get the situation in some suburbs where you have an intersection where the streets are the same. Say, Hemlock and Hemlock. Too much for my simple mind.

  3. I love this. Scientists vaporizing, Veronica Lodge, Handmaiden, the great unknown..I love collages Freethe! I'm excited!

  4. Thank you! I love collages too! Wanna do more.