Friday, September 25, 2015

Bulky. Trashy.

Alternate title for this blog post:  The Dregs of My Society.

Saturday we took horrid things out of our house---the grungiest, most foul, beat up, worn out, useless, and moldiest things we could find .... and put them out on the curb. We get to do this once a year on Bulk Trash Day. The trashmen are supposed to appear in their magical garbage machines and haul it all away, no questions asked. But first come the scavengers. There is always kind of a hopeful mood as pick-ups cruise slowly up and down our street "window-shopping" our stuff.  

Well the scavengers came and went but now it's Friday night almost a week later and we're still waiting for the trashmen to show up. Is this some kind of city department prank? Everyone for blocks around is stuck with these dreadful cast-offs all a-jumble on the edge of their property. Old sofas, tires, rolls of carpet, rotted out lumber, sorry-looking furniture, dirty plastic objects....from the looks of it you'd think that either we're all getting evicted, or a river just ran through all our houses, ruining our stuff.

It's reassuring though, to see the kind of junk other people haul out to the curb. This stuff had been inside their house or garage! Probably for a long time! Hey, we aren't the only ones cohabiting with a bunch of dingy, old, broken-down crap!

I did walk by one house though, that just didn't get it. Their small offering at the end of the driveway was so absurd I had to snap a photo. The broken end table you see is all they could muster up for Bulk Trash Day. Cheri agreed to be in the shot to help fill in the emptiness.

Bulk Trash day is liberating! It liberates you from the illusion that if you could just get someone to come take all your crap you wouldn't accumulate more of it.

One neighbor's pathetic contribution to Bulk Trash Day. 

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