Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Last Night of August

Here we are halfway through September, and the opening day of autumn is just around the corner. I have a hard time letting go of summer, but it helps if I have a chance to take a moment and reflect on it, and say farewell to it.

On Monday, August 31st, a fine opportunity came. Some of the nights had been getting chilly but it was warm enough that night to sit on the front porch at 11:00 pm without a jacket. The air was perfect. Soft, but not cloying. I saw I needed to take full advantage, so I went and got a glass of red wine, a nub of Havarti cheese I'd been saving, and my earbuds so I could listen to tunes on my phone.

With summer on the wane, I fully appreciated how comfortable it was to sit outside past midnight, past 1:00 am. I was in such good spirits I didn't want it to end. Finally around 2:00 am I forced myself to close down my solo party and head inside. I wondered how hard the morning was going to be, on four hours of sleep, my blood fermenting on several glasses of wine. I decided however crappy I felt at 6:30 am, it would be worth it. For I had drunk under the stars (which I couldn't really see in the city night sky) and felt the last warm caresses of a summer night.

The next day I got up, got ready for work and felt absolutely fine. Not the least bit tired and no post-wine sludginess.  All day long at work, I felt great! It was like a miracle or something. Like the night really had been magic! Or maybe it was the cheeseburger I'd eaten earlier that evening.                 


  1. Are you missing summer because of baseball? I have been thinking about this. You seem so mystical about summer and I was surprised you weren't looking forward to fall. no need to publish has been on my mind for some reason. :)

  2. Fall is still my favorite season, and once it really gets in gear I'll be all about it. But I'm more attached to summers than I used to be. That IS a big change with me. I now just relish being warm, warm, warm and feeling the sun on my skin, laying in the park with the sun on my skin, walking out at night and feeling warm, sitting on my porch or deck and feeling WARM. Being warm has become so important to me. I need to move to the desert!!

  3. Solid. I dig it. Yeah, you do, it's true....but it's really cold at night...dun dun dUUUn!

  4. That's true --the desert does get cold at night.....well, then I can have a combo of seasons, but still look forward to a warm-up during the day!

  5. You are just warming up to the approaching Month of Mony.