Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Day! --A schedule of activities from my childhood

Create patterns in flesh from leaning against furnace vent

Try to comprehend adult situations in soap operas

Conduct experiments with static electricity using feet, carpet and older sibling

Perfect feat of traveling from living room to the kitchen without touching the floor

Sculpt dried out clumps of playdough into dried out clumps of playdough

Become "jinxed" into silence by older sister

Visit scary closet under basement stairs to retrieve ill-fitting snow boots that most certainly have spiders living in them

Wrap feet in bread bags to keep out the snow (and spiders!)

Go out and build a snow man

Fail to build snow man because snow is too dry and powdery

Settle for a snow angel

Wander aimlessly around the school yard in back of the house until the snow building up inside boots becomes unbearable

 Hook self on wire sticking out from one of the school yard snow fences

Run home crying



  1. you have this thing for furnace vents. i remember the scary room under the basement stairs. and bread bags on the feet! are the bierocks ready yet??

  2. Naw. I decided not to make them after all. Spent too much time shoveling.

  3. yep - that pretty much sums it up! i'd forgotten the bread bags